MOTM2022 — Home Page

We’re in the process of putting the program together for the 16th-annual West Coast Meeting of the Minds Annual Giving & Advancement Services Conference. The conference will be back at Cal Poly-Pomona March 23-25 with Zoom and session recording registration options, too. Please save the dates and check back for 2022 conference information as we confirm the plans and content.

Interested in attending? RSVP on our LinkedIn Event page!

2022 is the 16th MOTM conference! Famous for its strong program content and affordability, the conference pivoted in 2020 from an on-site conference at Cal Poly-Pomona to a Zoom conference with delegates from the West Coast of the U.S. and well beyond.  With three program areas of concentration, including Annual Giving, Advancement Services/Data, and Digital Philanthropy, the conference offers sessions for new fundraising professionals, as well as seasoned program leaders.  

Here’s a special welcome from Meeting of the Minds Co-Founder Jill Boline:

Any questions?  Contact any member of the conference committee.

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